About GSMST Chorus

Written by David Richardson. Posted in Blog

The Chorus program was added to the GSMST Music Department in 2015 and now consists of two performing ensembles (Mixed Chorus and Advanced Treble Chorus).  Both groups meet during the regular school day and have the opportunity to travel, perform at the GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation, perform a wide range of Choral literature (Sacred, Secular, Classical, and Modern) and explore a wide range of difficulty levels (Class A-D).  At times, the groups may be combined for special events or as warranted by a specific song.

Mixed Chorus

This non-auditioned Chorus ensemble includes multiple levels vocal experience as well as mixed voicing (SATB).  Students in this group will find that instruction is differentiated to ensure that every singer is challenged and advances in vocal skill, technique, and musicality.  

Advanced Treble Chorus

The first auditioned Choral ensemble for GSMST, this group is composed only of Soprano and Alto voices.  It is very selective and purposely small in membership thus increasing the musicianship required of each individual."